What is Vedic Coaching

Coaching is a widely acknowledged and utilized process of personal and professional transformation that empowers you to experience who you are.  The coaching relationship is co-creative and synergistic.  It is a holistic approach that recognizes your physical, mental, emotional, professional and spiritual strengths. These strengths inform the unique gifts and talents that are available to you.  And, it explores how to maximize each of these areas to make vital and effective change.

It is founded on the principle that you are whole, completely resourceful, and innovative. Furthermore, you have all the tools, skills, knowledge and wisdom you need within yourself to find your own answers.  The Coach’s role is to stimulate your curiosity and invite inner knowing, learning and exploration.

The Coaching process encourages you to access deeper levels of your own intelligence, creativity and organizing power.  It is designed to motivate fresh thinking and challenge any outdated assumptions that hold you back.  As the obstacles resolve, the Coach assists you in coming up with well-defined and structured action steps that lead you to your intended goal.  Coaching assists clients with life issues such as career, relationship, personal growth, wellness, life direction and purpose-finding.

The perspective unique to Vedic Coaching is the understanding that the spiritual component of your life is the most fundamental and comprehensive.  By managing life on this level, the Vedas say that all else gets naturally managed and organized.  Vedic philosophy holds that within you there is a level of being that is beyond the mind and its limiting thoughts and identities.  This ‘essence level’ of yourself connects you intimately with Universal Consciousness, the organizing intelligence responsible for manifesting and orchestrating the vastness of creation.

This level of intelligence existing within you possesses immense ‘knowingness’ and a limitless creativity and organizing ability.  Also inherent in it is the quality of universal Love.  Love, from this level, is the unifying essence of life.  It bridges all separation inherent in your thinking and allows you to experience true joy and connection.

So much of your inability to manifest your desires and to offer your true gifts and talents comes from the fragmentation of the self.  This limitation has been created by your tendency to reject the parts of yourself you deem as unfit, unacceptable and flawed.  This keeps you in a constant and exhausting battle.  The parts of you who are critical, judging and rejecting are pitted against the other parts that feel scared, anxious and alone in that rejection.

Vedic Coaching acknowledges that only Love heals because it is the truth of who you are.  So, an essential part of this process is creating a gentle, supportive environment that invites greater self-awareness as well as greater self-love and self-acceptance.  You are then able to heal all the aspects of the self you have rejected and disenfranchised.  The true you is able to manifest in a confident, integrated manner that fulfills your life purpose.

I have been trained and certified as a Professional Coach, (CPC), by the internationally renowned Coach Training World®, approved by the International Coaching Federation (IFC).