Client Experiences

“Jonathan’s wisdom, depth and expertise have had a tremendous impact on both my personal and professional life.  I highly recommend his services!”

–Dr. Melanie Harth, psychologist, Huffington Post blogger, host of “Living From Happiness” radio show


I am selective and cautious when considering spiritual guidance.  Jonathan has taught me for over 30 years.  He may suggest something quite challenging but does so with love and compassion.  He understands the struggles inherent in spiritual growth through his own work.  There is a saying that “you cannot take anyone further than you have gone yourself”.  Jonathan epitomizes this epitaph.  Vedic Coaching with Jonathan will bring contentment and happiness to your life.  I recommend him without reservation.

Dr. Rob Deacon, Retired Professor of Social Work, New Mexico Highlands University



“I have had incredible, eye-opening sessions with Jonathan for guidance through Vedic Astrology.  He is extremely knowledgeable and intuitive, kind and compassionate.  I recommend him to anyone who is looking for a greater understanding of themselves and this journey called “life.”  The work we have done together has raised my awareness about myself and my path – both materially and spiritually. In addition, Jonathan has given me practical tools to navigate forward. I have found this connection with Jonathan to be priceless.”

–P.C., Marketing and Advertising, New York, NY


“I left my session with Jonathan feeling a deeper level of compassion for myself.  He brought out aspects of my chart I had not considered before, and did so with a wisdom and depth of perspective that was refreshing, uplifting and loving.  Jonathan is gifted at distilling his vast knowledge of Vedic Astrology into exact insights that can move one forward in Self-discovery.”

–L.R., Massage Therapist, Santa Fe, NM


“Jonathan is a profound healer who has helped me and many of my friends through his knowledge of Vedic Astrology and the deep wisdom he has acquired through his life experiences.  His perceptions are clear and subtle and, after a session with him, I always feel transformed within myself in ways I did not expect or imagine.”

–V.L.., Lymphatic Therapist, Boulder, CO


“My Vedic reading with Jonathan was fantastic!  He shared my gifts and talents with me in a way that inspired and uplifted me for days and days.  We all bring our own unique abilities to our Earthwalk and Jonathan will help you understand just what your gifts are.”

–Harmony W., Parenting Coach, Family Health and Wellness Educator, Santa Fe, NM


“Over the last 30 years I have had numerous astrology readings and none of them have come close to the insights and opportunities for growth that Jonathan’s reading gave me.”

–C.W., psychotherapist, Dallas, TX