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I offer an initial birth chart analysis, called a Life Reading designed to bring greater clarity to the unique nature and purpose of your life.  The consultation highlights your innate gifts and challenges in your process of self-actualization.  It also examines the timings for when these experiences unfold.  The following are themes that this initial Life Reading addresses:

* Physical health and vitality

* Mental and emotional well-being

* Job and Career

* Relationships

* Money

* Spirituality

The Life Reading is approximately one and one half hours and costs $180 (plus tax for New Mexico residents only) on a sliding scale.  The sessions are digitally recorded and sent to you immediately after the reading.  They are comprehensive and I encourage you to listen to your reading again to fully digest “what the planets have to say”.

After the initial Life Reading, I recommend an Astrological Update on a regular basis to understand current and future planetary energies influencing your chart and how to utilize them most effectively.  The fee for the Update is $100 plus tax ($75 for on-going coaching clients)

Vedic Coaching is valuable for developing practical strategies in achieving success in your life.  It also brings greater clarity to your on-going challenges.  These sessions are $90 an hour (plus tax for New Mexico residents only) and begin with a Discovery Session to help you become more cognizant of your gifts and talents.