What Is Vedic Astrology?

Vedic Astrology is referred to as the ‘eyes’ of the Veda, meaning it gives us the vision to make our way to the ultimate truth of life.  It is considered to be the origin of all divination or life guidance systems that exist in the world.  In Sanskrit, it is called Jyotish, which translates as “Lords of Light”, referring to the celestial bodies—the planets and the stars, which are considered by the ancients to influence human life.

It can be difficult for our rational Western minds to understand how the planets impact human life.  But from the Vedic perspective, everything in creation is intimately related because it all comes from the one source.  In fact, everything, animate and inanimate, contains the totality of the knowledge of creation within it, from the smallest atom to the largest galaxy.  The macrocosm of universal life exists within the microcosm of the self.

It is an interesting fact that the view of the universe held by the ancient seers is the same as that being proposed by modern quantum physicists: The universe is vibratory in nature.  The seers felt the immense vibrational influence that the nine planets exerted on all life on earth and that each of the planets resonates within each human beings as distinct styles or qualities of intelligence.  These intelligences reflect the nature of the experiences, positive and challenging, that each of us is destined to have in this life in order to grow into our full human potential.

This is why Vedic Astrology is so relevant.  We make better choices and thereby experience freedom from suffering by being more conscious of our strengths and weaknesses.

The key to Vedic Astrology is the horoscope, a symbolic band around the earth made up of the planets and stars.  It is divided into 12 signs and 12 houses, corresponding to the various areas of human life, including health, wealth and relationships.

Your birth chart is a snapshot of the position of the planets in the horoscope at the time of birth. These planetary influences, their conditions and locations reflect the nature of the karmas or experiences you bring in as an opportunity for learning.  From the Vedic perspective, your ability to live in greater conscious attunement with the Whole determines your progress toward fulfilling your life’s purpose.


The birth chart shows your gifts, talents and opportunities as well as the challenges you face.  It is a road map, which helps clarify the places and times where you can make conscious choices rather fall prey to your unconscious conditioning.

Correlating the time of birth with a fixed pattern of conditioning inevitably elicits the question of fate.  Are you a hapless victim of planetary influences or are you a conscious co-creator with the Universe?  From the Vedic perspective, you as co-creator, in conjunction with higher guidance, choose the experiences that will be most productive for your evolution.  The birth chart reflects the type, quality and duration of these experiences that will be most beneficial in helping realize your potential.

If a planet is strong, positive and well-placed in your chart, it will reflect positive experiences in particular areas of your life, specifically during that planet’s major or minor period.  It tends to signify life lessons you’ve already mastered and highlights your strengths, gifts and talents.  On the other hand, if a planet is weak and poorly placed, it indicates areas of life where you struggle to project certain positive qualities.

Fortunately, Vedic Astrology offers effective techniques for remediating most weaknesses identified in the chart.  Clearly, the most effective remedial measure is to consciously use the power of your intention to make changes in your thinking and actions, to make different choices.

One of the unique strengths of Vedic Astrology is its predictive abilities.  Vedic Astrology uses the influence of the transiting planets but more importantly, it examines the effects of the major and minor planetary periods as predictors.  Both these techniques exquisitely delineate the nature of the experiences you draw to you as you progress through your life.  The areas that are influenced determine the issues that are currently “on the front burner of your life”, as well as those that are imminent.

It is the great compassion of the Divine, flowing through the cognitions of the ancient seers, that has given us such a wonderfully comprehensive life guidance system.  It effectively points you in the direction of your True Self and helps you live in harmony with the totality of life.  I welcome the opportunity to help guide you with Vedic Astrology.